Growth Comes From Discomfort (Moving To Marbella)
 By Mirro Salim on Mars. 4th 2020
I want to quickly tell you about what happens with a tiger and a lion if you feed it too much food and if the lion becomes too comfortable.

Do you know what happens with the lion? The lion loses its hunting instincts. It loses its spirit. It becomes a big, fat, lazy cat. It can't hunt.

It's basically gonna fucking die because it's, it's, it's gonna lose its lioness. It's like raw, raw thing. That's what happens with humans as well when we become too comfortable.

That's why I take cold showers. That's why I work out every day. That's why I moved to this, up to this house, all by myself for a month because this comfort, the opposite of being comfortable is what makes you grow, right.
From Good To Great In One Video: Facebook Advertising 2020
 By Mirro Salim on February. 3th 2020
I've been running advertising for four years and this is video is four years of work and millions of dollars in adspend summed up to one video.

I'm going to show you everything, so I'm super excited. We're going to cover everything from the basics to the most advanced stuff.

I'm going to show you targeting, how to scale, using lookalike audiences, ad copy, optimization, campaign budget optimization and how the algorithm works.

We are going to talk about everything you need to crush it with your Facebook ads in 2020!
How To Increase Focus.
 By Mirro Salim on February. 19th 2020
In todays video I'm going to show you strategies to ambush your competition and win the war by fighting asymmetrically.

Now what in the hell does this even mean? 

I'm going to share the best hacks to become superhuman and crush your competition. This will trump any conversion or scaling strategy out there...

So the first thing I'm going to talk to you about today is going to be focus, being able to work more intensely, more focused, and more frequently and for longer periods than everybody else, and how to develop raw horsepower. That's what I'm going to show you today.
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