Growth Comes From Discomfort (Moving To Marbella)
 By Mirro Salim on Mars. 4th 2020

Hey, what's up? It's Mirro Salim here and I'm currently in Marbella, Spain. Just burning bridges. I want to talk about burning bridges and being comfortable in this video. I'm currently, like I said, in my Marbella all by myself in this three store house.

It's a big house, a penthouse too big for myself. But I want to talk about why I did this, why I came here how it's helping me become a better entrepreneur and just my thought process behind it.

I want to quickly tell you about what happens with a tiger and a lion if you feed it too much food and if the lion becomes too comfortable, you know what happens with the lion? The lion loses its hunting instincts. It loses its spirit. It becomes a big, fat, lazy cat. It can't hunt. It's basically gonna fucking die because it's, it's, it's gonna lose its lioness. It's like raw, raw thing. That's what happens with humans when we become too comfortable.

That's why I take cold showers. That's why I work out every day. That's why I moved to this, up to this house, all by myself for a month because this comfort, the opposite of being comfortable is what makes you grow, right. If you only did things that made you comfortable, or if I talk about myself, if I only did things that made me comfortable, I would never be where I am. Not for a single moment. All right? I'll be totally just comfortable, depressed and not Excel at anything in life, but by doing things that make me feel uncomfortable, such as leaving my family, leaving my routines, leaving my girlfriend, leaving my life, leaving my work habits and move to a foreign country for a month all by myself.

It's a big house. It's three like stores like this and it's so not Mirro. And the reason I did this is because I want to be uncomfortable. I want to put myself in uncomfortable situations. It's exactly the same reason on why I take cold showers every morning.

Now, of course, there's other benefits to cold showers, but the sole purpose of doing things that make me feel uncomfortable is by embracing uncomfort and growing from it, right? So the reason I'm telling you this is basically you know, my experience with, you know, burning bridges and doing things that, you know, usually it's not something that is you or something that you would do. And if you do that kind of stuff, you're going to grow. You're going to grow in different facets of your life when it comes to work, when it comes to your business, when it comes to your Facebook ads, skills, or whatever.

So it doesn't matter if you're trying to become a better salesperson, become better at Facebook, guys, become better at scaling. Put yourself in uncomfortable situations. Do uncomfortable things. Get yourself in situations where you start sweating and you feel uncomfortable because you don't know what's going to happen next. That's how you grow. That's the joy of life. That's how you feel alive. 

So that's about it for today. It was a short video trying to talk about being uncomfortable. You don't want to be the lion that loses it's instinct, right? The ion, when the lion is in captivity, it loses instinct. But when the lion is out there and hungry and haven't eaten for days and he's even starving, sometimes that's when the lion is the lion, right?

And that's when the human is, you know, capable of reaching its potential. That's when you can reach your potential. When you're not just fat and fed up with too much food and watching TV and sitting in the sofa. 

Let me know how you enjoyed the video today. And remember guys, be uncomfortable. All right? I'll talk to you soon.

- Mirro Salim